Servicing Related Forms
General Requisition Form for

• Alterations • Surrender Value Quotation
• Policy Loan Quotation • Revival Quotation
• Change of Mode/ Quotation • Change of Address
• Discounted Claim • Certificate of Premium Payment

Claims Discharge Voucher for

• Survival Benefit
• Maturity Value
• Discounted Value

Policy Loan Application Form

Change of Nomination Forms

Transfer of Policy: Form for Assignment/ Re-Assignment of a Policy

Loss of Policy - for issue of a "special policy" or duplicate policy in place of the lost policy.

Health Declaration for Revival of a Lapsed Policy.

Complaint Lodgment Form

Form for Bank Details for Direct Credit of Policy Payments 

New Business Related Forms

Proposal Forms for Insurance on Own Life (Form 300)
• To be used where the proposer is above 18 years last birthday, and is having independent income.
• To be also used for Smart Life 2 where Term Rider opted (and medicial exmaination report is need)

Proposal Forms for Insurance on Another Life (Form 340) – where the age of the life proposed is above 10 years of age, but below 18years

Proposal Forms for Insurance on Another Life (Form 360) – where the age of the life proposed is less than 10 years

Proposal Forms for Insurance on Another Life (Form 340) – For Key man Insurance Policies
• Where a company is insuring its key empolyee or manager or director.

Proposal Form for Smart Life 2 Plan (Form 300BN)
• To be used only in respect of 'without term rider' cases. Can also be used where only the 'accidental death rider' is opted

Agents’ Confidential Report- must accompany every proposal submitted to LICI 

Health Declaration in respect of a New Proposal 

Medical Examination Form 

Product Brochure Downloads
• The Money Tree Range
• Riders Range - Arm Your Policies with Extra Security Features
• The Target Range
• The Wealth Builder Range
• The Aspire Range 
• Important Information to Our Policyholders and Prospective Policyholders - Part 1, Part 2
• Gold Life Single Premium Bond
• What Makes LICI Policies A Better Choice

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