LICI Ties-up with Vodafone MPAISA for premium payments

LICI ( Fiji Operations)  has tied-up with Vodafone to facilitate payment of LICI premium using M-PAISA option. This is the most cost effective, convenient and first of its kind method to pay LICI premium. LICI customers shall not be levied any transaction fee for paying premium using this facility and this fee shall be borne by LICI.

All the policyholders ( other than those where the premium are being deducted directly by the employers from their wages), can utilize this facility which is available across the country.

This option shall be useful particularly to the LICI customers who are residing at remote areas including the outer islands and maritime zones.  

LICI policyholders also enjoy this facility anytime round the clock and 24x7.

This is one of the new customer centric initiatives embarked by LICI to provide world-class service to its customers. The Policyholders can also visit LICI Sales and Service Points set-up at 10 major towns to facilitate online servicing.  

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