LICI's Investments help in Fiji's Development

LICI maintains a conservative investment policy tempered by its philosophy that safety and security of the money held in its trust by its policyholders is far more important than highly risky profits. In Fiji, LICI’s funds are mostly invested in Government Bonds/securities and as term deposits with commercial banks. A small proportion of the investments are in term loans granted to Fiji Government supported institutions like EFL, Housing Authority etc. 

In spite of a conservative investment policy LICI has been delivering the highest bonuses in Fiji through its professional approach and prudent fund management practices. LICI's operational costs are also lower than other industry players thereby giving the company a cutting edge in adding value to its stakeholders- customers in particular. LICI distributes 95%% of its surpluses back to its policyholders as bonuses every year, etc, thereby making LICI policies more attractive.

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