Survival Benefits
In Money back Plans (Table Nos. 74, 75 & 93) and the erstwhile Anticipated Endowment Plans (Table Nos. 24, 25 & 26 – now discontinued), the Survival Benefit falls due once every 5 years after the commencement of the policy – within the term of the policy. The quantum of the survival benefit depends upon the sum assured and the exact plan (please refer to money back plans).

In Aspire Plans (Table Nos. 601, 602 & 603), an educational (survival) benefit is payable every year from the child’s 14th year to his or her 20th year – on the designated dates (please refer to Aspire plans).

Discharge Voucher form – completed, signed and witnessed.
2. Original Policy document to be sent to LICI for placing endorsement.

IMPORTANT: If the policyholder does not receive his discharge voucher at least one month before the due date of the survival benefit, he or she must contact LICI office.
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