Total & Permanent Disability
This benefit is available only in respect of the policies where the accident benefit is opted and is in force. If at any time during the term of the policy, the life assured becomes totally and permanently disabled due to an accident or a sickness such that he or she will not be able to earn any income for living in future, the following benefits will be payable:


1. An amount equal to the basic sum assured under the policy will be paid to the life assured in 120 equal monthly instalments.

2. All the future premiums falling due from the following policy anniversary will be waived.

3. The risk cover on the life of the assured will continue until the date of maturity.

4. On survival of the assured until the date of maturity, survival benefits (in respect of Money Back Plans) and the normal maturity value (sum assured + vested bonuses in respect of other plans) will become payable.

Procedure for making a claim for total and permanent disability benefit:
The procedure will be advised by the office on intimation by the policyholder or his or her legal representatives. An e-mail intimation will only serve as information; it will not be acted upon unless a signed letter of intimation is physically received by our office.


LICI must be intimated of the disability within 90 days from the date of occurrence.

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