Group Insurance

Group Life insurance is a form of Life Insurance that covers the lives of groups of persons such as some or all employees of a business, members of an association or a professional body (accountants, architects or lawyers) fewer than one single 'Master Policy'. The Group Insurance is based on the risk characteristics of the group as a whole without the intensive underwriting of each individual member. Group insurance is definitely more affordable than a individual insurance and is therefore recommended for large groups represented by any organization the most common being the employer-employee groups

 Baroda Life Shield

 Baroda Life shield is a special Group Insurance scheme designed and developed by LICI exclusively for Bank of Baroda customers-account-holders of Bank of Baroda (Fiji Operations) providing insurance protection at a low premium and minimum formalities. The salient features of the scheme are as follows:

          Group Insurance cover is allowed to all eligible individual account holders of the bank on the basis of Declaration of Good Health. Account Holders have to opt for coverage under the scheme in the prescribed enrollment form ( The forms are available at all BOB branch offices across Fiji )

         Members should be of good health and not having suffered/suffering from any of the critical illnesses- for example cancer, HIV, heart diseases, kidney failure, brain stroke, paralysis, having undergone major organ transplant etc.

          All eligible members are covered under a single contract between LICI and BOB.

          The insurance is for a renewable term of two years. The premium is charged in two yearly installments. All the existing members are renewed at the time of renewal by charging appropriate annual premium.

Benefits under the scheme

          Sum assured is payable in the event of death of the insured.

         Double Accident Benefit is provided in case of death due to accident.

         Death could be due to any reason, any time and at any place. No specific exclusions.


         All Individual Deposit Account Holders of Bank of Baroda in the Age group 18 to 59 (Completed years) as on the date of entry in the scheme or on renewal. Both Male and Female account holder are covered under the scheme.

         A declaration of Good Health to be provided to the bank at the time of joining the scheme. ( Enrollment Format shall be supplied by the bank )

         There is no Maturity Value at the end of the term.

         Joint Account holders have to pay Premium for each/any life can be paid.

 Sum Assured and Premium  

         Sum Assured: $ 5000/-*.

(For Micro-finance Account Holders, the Sum Assured can be $1000/-* to $5000/-* in multiples of $1000/-)

         Premium @12.00 Per Annum per $1000/- Sum Assured. This premium includes the premium for Double Accident Benefit. 

         The Members joining the scheme after the scheme starts, pay only proportionate premium on the basis of unexpired Term (months ) till the anniversary of the Policy.  

* With Double Accident Benefit

  General Conditions:  

  1. The scheme shall be administered at Suva branches of LICI and BOB.
  2. The cover under the policy ceases at the end of Term unless renewed.
  3. Insurance Cover ceases if the member ceases to be the account holder of the bank.
  4. A customer of BOB can enroll in the scheme through one branch of the bank only.
  5. At the time of enrollment, the member should fill in the nomination details.

 Please contact the nearest Branch office of Bank of Baroda or call the following phone numbers of BOB for further details:

                                                                          Suva: 3311400, Lautoka: 6660811, RakiRaki: 66940456, Nadi: 6700333

                                                                         Labasa : 8811588, Sigatoka: 6500541, Nausori : 3478088, Ba: 6674555



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