Personal Insurance
Personal Insurance Plans
Personal Insurance Plans are those meant for the individual who wants to protect his or her current as well as future financial needs such as securing one’s family’s income, securing one’s debts such as home loans, etc against the risk of premature death. These plans also serve as excellent savings plans that fetch attractive returns on maturity.

Personal life insurance plans can be classified depending on the ages for which they are available, as:

Plans Age At Entry Age at Maturity Policy Term Restrictions*
Aspire Children's Educational Plan ‘0’ (just born) to 10 years (age last birthday) 20th Year of the Child 20 years or less depending upon the age of the child at entry.
 Endowment Assurance Plan
(Table 14F)
 12 to 65 years Not to exceed 75   Generally accepted from 5 to 50 years term
 Endowment Assurance (Limited Payment) Plan (Table 48F)  12 to 65 years  Not to exceed 75  -do-
 'Long Life' - Whole Life Plan with Profits (Table 2F)  18 to 50 years  On life assured attaining 80 Years or later subject to…  …completion of 40 Years duration from the date of commencement
 Whole Life - (Limited Payment) Plan with Profits (Table 5E)  18 to 50 years  -do-  Premium Ceases at Age 70
 Convertible Whole Life Plan (Table 28F)  18 to 50 years
Option to covert in to an Endowment Plan after 5 years
 If Converted to Endowment Plan
Not converted to Endowment Plan
 Matures at the end of the chosen term; Just like Table 614
Matures just as mentioned in Table 612
 Money Back Plans
(Tables 74F, 75F, 93F)
 12 to 60  Not to exceed 75 Terms 15, 20 and 25 years respectively. 
 Smart Life 2 – Single Premium Plan (Table 135F)  18 to 60 years  Not to exceed 70  Only 10 year Term available under this plan

* Further restrictions apply to policy terms (durations) where riders are chosen.

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