Acceptance of Premiums
Modes of Premium Payment Direct Remittance Modes: Policyholders can avail of any of the direct premium payment modes like Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly. Premiums can be remitted as follows:

1. Direct remittance of cheques or cash at our office cash counters (Suva and Lautoka only).
2. Remittance through a cheque/banker’s draft or cheque or money order to the office servicing your policy.
3. Bank standing order to remit to LICI on or after the due date but before the expiry of the days of grace.
4. Premium can also be paid by direct deduction from Bank Account and transferred to LICI premium collection accounts in the following banks. This facility is available throughout Fiji with minimal charges to the policyholders for bank-to-bank transfers.

Bank Premium Collection Accounts
Bank of Baroda Branches Collecting Bank Accounts at Suva, Nausori, Sigatoka, Labasa, Lautoka, Raki Raki, Nadi, and Ba
ANZ Bank Account No. 2721544 – Valid Fiji wide
Colonial National Bank Account No. 4537610 – Valid Fiji wide
Westpac Bank Account No. 9801047888 – Valid Fiji wide
Please state your Policy Numbers While Making Premium Payments

Salary Savings Modes:
Monthly, Bi-monthly, Fortnightly and Weekly modes are available for payment of premium through salary deduction.

Grace Period for Premium Payment: A grace period of 30 days (from the due date of the first unpaid premium) is available for payment of instalment premiums for all modes of premium payment.

Premium Notices are sent only in cases of direct remittance.

Forfeiture Notices are sent to the respective policyholders in terms of the Insurance Act, 1998. These lapse notices are sent when the premiums are not remitted within the days of grace.

Accounting records are maintained for individual policies and are made available upon request.

Certificates of Premium Payment for Income Tax purposes are provided upon request.
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